Summer is here , holidays on the way , the skin will be tanned 😁☀ At sea, at the beach, on the warm and soft sand, we like to catch the sun rays ☀️😁

Tan, who doesn’t like it? 😁

Ladies know that the clothes look different on a golden bronze, copper or olive tones, the hairstyle has a better look, and the summer state of mind with a skin kissed by the sun ☀ is something, something we like, we could live in summer forever 🙃 And for a beautiful and healthy tan, I think we all agree on the next successful formula


What does it mean, what is SPF? Sunscreen (SPF) is the ability of a product to stop the amount of UVB radiation absorbed by the skin. Specifically, it is the unit that measures the protection offered by the skin against UVB radiation, responsible for sunburn, premature aging of the skin, as well as for the appearance of skin cancer. It is important to be beautiful, but even more important is to be healthy, and the sun, no matter how pleasant it may seem, can have unpleasant effects in the long run if we do not choose the correct dose of sunshine and sunscreen. There are two types of SPF sunscreen: chemical and mineral sunscreen. The chemical sun protection factor is found in most lotions with SPF greater than 30, and the mineral sun protection factor is the one that is based on physical UV radiation blocking agents. Mineral SPF creates a physical barrier on the skin, reflecting UV radiation, not absorbing it. Ideally, we should choose our SPF depending on the type and color of the skin and even the season, as there are people with very sensitive skin who use SPF all year round. Its value helps us choose the most suitable for us. In general, products with SPF 15 offer 93% protection against UVB radiation. SPF 30 blocks UVB radiation by 97%, and SPF 50 protects the skin by up to 99%.

Sunscreen = protection

So, in one way or another, in the long or short term, it is important to use it, and if in Europe SPF products are considered cosmetic products, in the US for example they are part of the category of medicines that can be purchased without a prescription. . The use of the SPF sunscreen is simple: by simply apply on the skin , so that the skin and the whole body are protected from the harmful effects of UV radiation. The variants are very affordable and easy to use, we can choose between creams, oils or even sprays.

🌞 Summer forever

So, we understood what it means and why to use sunscreen. I invite you to do yourself a favor, safety first , for the whole family , to take care of your skin this summer and from now on, because ladies and gentlemen:


Let us take care of our body, our temple, and protect it, because we have to live with this one from now on ! 🙃

🌞 Vibes

Enjoy the sun, hun 🤗🌞🌊🙃

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