Join me for a cup of…

Surprise or not, lately I’ve discovered people around me who don’t drink coffee … Coffee ?! Don’t you drink coffee ?! But how do you manage to wake up in the morning? Says me for whom the coffee has the opposite effect sometimes 😄 Good, I will not make any reference to a study done by British scientists , and I will not present coffee, because we all know what it is, what is good for… And now I remember, ahhhh how I miss going out for coffee (the day I wrote this, no, you couldn’t go out for coffee for a long time, pandemic lockdown ), what a craving for a fresh Costa or Starbucks coffee, which although it has no effect on me, still I love to enjoy it served with something sweet next to it, to feel its aromatic smell and to listen to a story in her company. Coffee is a necessity for some, a treat for others and has more pros than cons… and yet, because I’m kind of curious, I like to try new things, to experiment, I said let’s see how it goes with tea 😁. I used to drink tea before, but not for a specific purpose, just for hydration or aromas. But to do the experiment of replacing coffee with tea, I chose the two variants with caffeine, green tea and black tea. And I want to say that I fell in love with the black tea 🖤 fragrant and effective, I really enjoyed it from the first cup, and when I started reading about its benefits I said that I don’t give up on it.

Black tea has special therapeutic effects. Strengthens immunity, improves memory and concentration, regulates blood cholesterol levels, relaxes and calms, lowering the level of stress hormones. One cup of black tea contains between 45 and 60 mg of caffeine. I can’t say if it completely replaced the coffee, but for me it has a better effect, and if I had to recommend one it would be a natural one , from leaf directly in the cup, and the aroma… mmmm..and look like that, I hope that I made you want to try it and you prepared your cup…! ☕🙃🍰

My recomandation would be this

With milk or without it has the best aroma 😊

Sriluxe black tea 🖤 the best and I guess it’s true what they say „Once you go black, you never go back”, this tea really got me 🖤

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