Sunflower 🌻

I love colours, I love sweets, I love flowers, … that’s why I always have fresh and colorful ones in the house (as much as possible). Every weekend I refresh my flower power pot..I admit, I have my favorites, but also I like everything new, or in trend (because yeah, everything it’s a trend nowadays) , trends in terms of…. etc. And so today, thinking of taking something new home, I found the newcomer of the season, the SUNFLOWER 🌻
Do you know the legend of this beautiful flower?

Legend says that an emperor had a proud and beautiful but dumb girl. Sad and grieving, the king was looking for a cure for the child’s silence throughout the kingdom. He called all the healers, but no one knew what to do. An old woman came to the court one evening and said she knew the cure: to invite the proud Sun to the royal table, and when the party was in full swing and everyone was in a good mood, they would dance and sing. , the girl should go to the Sun to dance and ask for a kiss. And this kiss will cure her of silence , the old woman added. When he heard this, the emperor seemed to be resurrected and, with much hope, began the preparations for the feast. But the evil witch heard of all this and went to the proud Moon to tell her that the king’s daughter would marry the Sun. The moon, full of envy and anger, swore to avenge the emperor. Was she, who loved the Sun so much, lose it because of a mortal? So, she hid in a forest, and when the party started, she caught the moment when the girl turned her face to the Sun to be kissed. Then the moon turned the poor girl’s face into a flower. The emperor and all the diners told her the true story and the fact that the girl only needed a kiss, but Luna did not believe and remained unyielding. The girl remained a flower, which the Sun planted in a garden, giving it its name. Since then, every summer, when the sun rises, the flower raises its sad face, begging for a kiss. When evening comes and the Moon appears, the flower leaves its face to the ground, gathering its petals.

Well this is not a happy ending story, but it is certainly a good one 🙃🌻

Bed time story ✅

Good night flowers! 🌃🌻💖

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