Thought of the day 💭💖

When I found this cup on a random visit to the shop, made my day, the message it’s so nice and powerful so the first thought 💭 was : I will buy it as a gift for…. For who? It has to be someone I really mean this words to (because that’s me, I really mean it, when I say it) .. And I realised I don’t have somebody like that in my life at the moment and I got upset…”you silly girl, buy it for yourself” was my next thought 💭 and then I realised, yes I deserve that, I deserve that message, I came a long way to become the woman that I am today and I am so proud of myself , and yes I love myself, and yes I mean the world to myself… Because let’s never forget, it all begins with me, if I don’t love myself how will others do?!☺️🤗 ♥️
Same for you 😊 day by day, little by little, love yourself more and more, after all you’re all you’ve got! 💖


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