T. A. B. U ➡️ To be or..

Sexy or vulgar? Boudoir!Being sexy is based on feeling comfortable with yourself, but how far can you go without crossing the line between sexuality and vulgarity ?!

I know I know, this is still a taboo subject (unfortunately) and I also know that few of us have some kind of education about this, openness and understanding … but, as long as we live, we learn, we grow, develop, disinhibit and when we really understand what is happening, then ….

Woman! From your creation you were designed to complete the image of life, life springs from you … There were everything on earth, amazing nature, beautiful animals, wonders of all kind , but the final touch, the icing on the cake, the last piece of the puzzle was you and the image was perfect . The woman exudes femininity, sexuality, form .. And I say this: I thank the Universe that NO (although beauty patterns and appreciation grids are still promoted), we are NOT all the same,( that would be so boring) and being different is what makes us special and interesting, we make the world more beautiful ..

“The woman for me is like a Kinder Surprise egg, you never know what’s inside and that’s what attracts me.” said a man. That’s how they like it, hence opinions and opinions … Sexy does not mean as few clothes as possible but a more determined attitude, with clothes you can be more attractive than in their absence, because just like the Kinder Surprise egg, the outside it’s the most delicious, and then, under those costumes is the surprise …

and the attitude with which you wear the coat makes you sexy .. Pfff, when we will understand that everything starts from us and within us, when we will understand that life is not competition (and yet women have it in their blood), when we will accept our shape, age and story, then we will be the sexiest, because self-confidence is the sexiest accessory a woman can wear and not, we are not born with it, but we can train and win it, trying every day to be a better version of ourselves … ahhh and the smile, let’s not forget the smile 😊 And no, conservatives, sexy is not a bad thing , it’s not indecent and it’s not shameful to talk about .. Sexy is attitude! 💯

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