The story behind..

We focus to much on stats and not story.
Michelle O.

I’ve been always told by people who know the real me that I should write a book about my life, now I don’t know if it’s because of interesting part or because people like drama 🎭 😅 but for me sounded like fun.. Don’t worry I didn’t do it 😀 I, myself, don’t feel interesting enough to read about it, yet. More people judge me about what they see, rather of what they know, or about what they’ve heard rather of what it really is. Sometimes this affects me, but most of the times I don’t care about other people’s opinion, because I know that gossip and judgement only comes out of inferiority..and I kind of have problems bending 😂 so I won’t go there.

But enough about me…enough about sad people..

Why we focus to much on stats and not story? Why we don’t want to know the story? Why we don’t care about the story that’s behind everyone and everything?! Too much why’s I know, but in my opinion, if we don’t question it, we can’t learn about it, so same, if we don’t know the story, we can’t understand the person behind it.. What we’re like, what we do, what we’ve lived, defines us and our being in this life.. So, how can you understand who I am, if you don’t know what made me be like that, I mean you don’t have to, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind 😋 but next time when you’re on your way to judge someone, don’t do it, just don’t… Mind your own business or make time and listen their story…ohhh, and in order to get a good story, you have to ask for it.. Stories, I could never get enough of stories, past and present stories, people with stories..

I’m not even sure if what I said up 👆 there makes sense to you right now, maybe too many questions at the time, maybe you’re not a storytelling person, maybe you’re not even a listener (but thanks for reading this, at least) , but I know, if you decide to make time and listen to those around you, if you focus on their story instead of stats, you will discover how amazing😍, interesting🤩 or maybe boring 😅 people you are surrounded by are, in each case you can change or accept it, because remember, the only thing in life you can control is FOCUS.

So FOCUS on the good one! 😉

P. S. Stay tuned, stories on the way😊🤭

📸Cover photo by me 📸❤️

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