God is the DJ of this party 🎉

Believe it or not.. At the beginning was God.. Blessed is the human that puts God at the beginning of everything, that begins with God and doesn’t want to do anything without Him. Let this 2021 be the year that God starts it for us.

We all love a good party 🎉 but most often a good party depends on a good DJ that gives the party the rhythm and the mood to dance and make the most out of it. The party is in his hands and without a DJ a party would not be a party, only some kind of gathering. Now also at a party it’s not always our favourite playlist, because the DJ plays for everyone to party in harmony, but once in a while you can ask for your favourite song and enjoy it like it’s your own party 🎉

I think it’s same in a day by day life. God is the DJ of our lifes and He is playing the rhythm of things and facts in it. And yeah, it is not always our favourite playlist going on, we don’t always get what we want,music it is not always based on our taste and preferences , but He is ready to make us a favour and play our favourite song so we can also enjoy the party in our rhythm, when we need it the most…

At the beginning of this party called 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣1️⃣ let us invite God to be our DJ, let us let him fill our lives with music and joy, with rhythm and dance, so we will have a party we will all enjoy 🤗 🎉

God bless you 🤗

„I love you everyday” signed : God


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