A blog, a book, a way to be in 2021

In top things I am grateful for this year is this blog ­čśü Ohhh dear, it just came out of nowhere and if I knew what I get myself into probably I’d have refuse it in the first instance, but now.. I can’t imagine 2020 without this blog, helped me get trough one of the worst year in history (they will ad that later) . My places of refuge, my place of joy and comfort and a platform where you can’t think out loud without being afraid of the… Afraid of what? Being afraid why? Fear is a dream killer!

But I guess I know now that this blog it is not a dream, it is a fact! And it may be little and not understood by everyone, but someone, somewhere is reading it and smiles Ôś║ Smiles because likes it or smiles because thinks it’s foolish but at least I managed to steal a smile from them.

I am grateful, may this be only the beginning of something beautiful and creative, something healing and restoring, something that will make people read again stories ­čÖĆÔŁĄ´ŞĆ


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