Name day or birthday? 🎂

3 Reasons why I celebrated my name day wich was slightly confused with my birthday 🎂 (by my British friends who don’t know about name day)

1. Name day celebration it is something we do in Romania 🇷🇴, as almost every person has a first name and a middle name, wich is usually a Saint’s name, and in a religious calendar each Saint has a day to be celebrated. E.g. My name is afte Saint John, Ioana = Joanna 😁❤️

2. I wanted to cheer up myself and my house mates, as being in lockdown it is not something pleasant, not for the 3rd time at least, so a celebration was the perfect occasion to show them how we do it in my home country.

3. Tomorrow it’s not promised for neither of us. So if you have something to celebrate, do it!

I promised myself in 2021 I will enjoy the present day, not worry about tomorrow and not thinking about yesterday. I will enjoy my friends, my time and I will also enjoy this 3rd lockdown, because it gives me more time with myself and it gives me chance to grow even more from inside, hopefully not on the outside. And yeah, differences makes us who we are and give us the opportunity to learn from each other.

So happy name day to me! 😘 🤗 🎉

Just another excuse to eat the cake 🎂 🎉 😛😂

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