I woke up like this in February 💗

Saturday morning.. A ray of light crosses the closed curtains, but not closed enough for it to show me that a new day has begun.. I’m awake, but my eyes are refusing to open.. They still dream.. Dream about how a beautiful weekend morning should look like, for me.. Next thing I have this, breakfast in bed..

A breakfast I wish I receive on a February morning, the month of love..
Colours, flowers, food and the smell of already made coffee awakens my feelings.. I made it! While still day dreaming that one day you will prepare it for me! One morning I will wake up with a kiss on my forehead and a whisper saying that „breakfast is ready”, then I will open my eyes to your smile and I will be thankful for you again and again.. Because even tough you don’t drink coffee, you will prepare it for me and that will be your way to say that you…

Well well well, enough of day dreaming.. Dreaming or not, I know you’re out there waiting for me as I wait for you 😊

It may be another February without you, but love is here, ready waiting for you, because I already love you, before I know you. Love doesn’t come out of nowhere when you meet your supposed to be „love of your life”, love is already there in your heart, waiting for that special person to give it to ♥️

But most importantly, don’t forget to love yourself first! And I do, so I treated myself with this lovely breakfast in bed, on the first weekend of the month of love 😍 Welcome February, welcome month of love! ❤️

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