From my couch to a competition 🛋️

Well well well, the time has come to test my abilities and why not participate in a competition.

First of all, if you already don’t know I have a blog 😁
It all started on first lockdown when I needed something to pass the time, I was lucky enough to be approached by people already doing and I said I will give it a try.
It’s almost a year of doing it and I love it more and more every day, giving me motivation and something to look forward to everytime I write something and I wait and get the feedback from my readers 😁

Why a competition?
Why not?! You can win, you can learn and you can perform in ways only writing and words can do it.

It also gives me a different perspective over this endless lockdown, keeping me busy and away from negative thoughts 💭
And then a little competition never killed nobody 😁😜

The competition is called Spring SuperBlog 2021, it’s an annual contest of all bloggers, beginning of spring, and it gives nice opportunities to discover the best out of blogging. Although it’s my first time doing it, I’m a bit nervous and there are moments when I feel small for this, I know I can do it and I will.. 🙃

So Spring SuperBlog 2021 here I come! 😁

P. S. It is a Romanian competition, but I promise I will keep all my readers up to date about everything that’s why I wrote this EN article about my participation. You can see the original one ➡️😁/

See you later aligator! 😘 🤗


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