T. A. B. U ➡️ To be or..

Sexy or vulgar? Boudoir!Being sexy is based on feeling comfortable with yourself, but how far can you go without crossing the line between sexuality and vulgarity ?! I know I know, this is still a taboo subject (unfortunately) and I also know that few of us have some kind of education about this, openness and... Citește în continuare →

Sunflower 🌻

I love colours, I love sweets, I love flowers, … that's why I always have fresh and colorful ones in the house (as much as possible). Every weekend I refresh my flower power pot..I admit, I have my favorites, but also I like everything new, or in trend (because yeah, everything it's a trend nowadays)... Citește în continuare →

Join me for a cup of…

Surprise or not, lately I've discovered people around me who don't drink coffee … Coffee ?! Don't you drink coffee ?! But how do you manage to wake up in the morning? Says me for whom the coffee has the opposite effect sometimes 😄 Good, I will not make any reference to a study done... Citește în continuare →


Summer is here , holidays on the way , the skin will be tanned 😁☀ At sea, at the beach, on the warm and soft sand, we like to catch the sun rays ☀️😁 Tan, who doesn't like it? 😁 Ladies know that the clothes look different on a golden bronze, copper or olive tones,... Citește în continuare →

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